Radio stations stop the compression madness

For those who do not know what compression is a little background is in order. First of all, what compression does is clips or minimizes the high end and low end to allow for the overall recording to stay closer to the maximum output redline for a higher proportion of the time. Let's assume a normal audio frequency is on a scale from 0 to 100. With compression you essentially compress this entire range. For example you might compress it down to the range from 30 to 70 on the previous scale. Then you slide the whole thing so that it peaks at 100. You have a perceive sound that never goes below 60% of the maximum volume. Pretty cool if you want loud. Bad if you want dynamic range.

Excuses for not doing the easy security

For as long as I would say that I truly understood computer security I have believed that security in depth is one of the most important elements of security. Coming from this perspective I often find it interesting how many relatively easy elements are not implemented by practitioners. Some of these are the same practitioners that will go to extraordinary lengths in other areas to secure their systems.

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