Mossy Ridge Trail - Percy Warner Park

Mossy Ridge Trail
Percy Warner
City of Nashville
5.11 miles
Total Time 2:05
Moving Time 1:35
Average Speed 2.47 mph
Average Moving Speed 3.22 mph
Elevation Gain 1501 ft
Min Elevation 637 ft
Max Elevation 920 ft
The official map of this trail
Google map of the trail as I walked it

This is a great trail. The hills are up and down and fairly frequent but not overly long or steep. The frequent elevation change in obvious in the 283 total feet difference between high and low elevation points but 1500 feet of total elevation gain.

There is a little side trail of less than 1/10 of a mile long called Quite Place that has a nice overlook and is a good place for a water or snack break.

There were a few people out on the trail the day I went out but I would not by any means call it crowded.

I headed right (west I believe) at the split where the loop starts. I’m told that the trail feels different depending on which direction you go. I intend to test this theory out next time I make it over to Percy Warner.

All stats are collected using MyTracks my Android phone with both satellite and cellular turned on. The track looks right on the map. It is my understanding that GPS based elevation is not necessarily accurate to any great degree so take the elevation numbers as approximate at best. The elevation change numbers should be reasonable accurate



This is really a great trail.

This is really a great trail. Nice pics. I love all places. Thanks for posting this post with all the details and maps. I'll definitely visit one of them whenever I get chance.