Day Loop Trail - Longhunter State Park

Day Loop Trail
Longhunter State Park
4 miles

Date walked: 8/24/2009

I am told the Day Loop Trail is the most popular and “best” of the Longhunter State Park trails and I will not argue with this assertion. The trail is exceptionally nice. It starts out using the Volunteer trail as a shared trail or a connector trail depending on how you want to look at it. For the first mile or maybe a little less the trails are shared so the actual loop is probable two to two and a half miles with the rest being the one way connector trail. I saw a few people on the trail the day I was there but not huge numbers.

The views of the lake are great. The back side that is not near the lake is very calm.

This is a somewhat rustic trail with a few roots and couple rocky areas but overall it is fairly smooth with some mild elevation changes going up and down the hill. On the day that I went trail was clear of all grass and such hanging into trail so it’s a clear trail. I did not see a large amount of wildlife on or near the trail but I did step down closer that I would have preferred next to what I think was a corn snake. I honestly did not stick around long enough to positively identify the snake but he didn’t seem upset by my presence. I also saw a few birds, frogs and other small wildlife. 

The Day Loop trail is blazed orange and the Volunteer trail is blazed white. For the combined sections some areas are blazed in both colors but some are blazed white only. Honestly the trail would be hard to loose so the blazes are mostly a confirmation.

A trail map is available at the visitor’s center and maybe the trailhead.

See my Longhunter State Park description for links to the official site and reviews of other trails I have walked at Longhunter.

Day Loop Trail  double blazes  The double blazes on the combined Volunteer and Day Loop trails

One of the wood bridges in the trail  One of the wood bridges on the trail

Day Loop Trail   The trail

Day Loop Trail   The sign for the split between the Day Loop and Volunteer trails

Day Loop Trail   The trail splits about a mile or so in. If you look to the right you will see a bench. There are several benches throughout the trail. If I recall correctly the benches were an Eagle Scout project but I may be mistaken. The Day Loop Trail goes left. To the right is the Volunteer Trail but in reality it is actually still shared trail that is part of the return trip.

Day Loop Trail lake  The lake

Day Loop Trail lake  The lake

Day Loop Trail lake

Day Loop Trail

day loop trail blazes  Once you are on the Day Loop Trail portion that is not shared the blazes are orange only. Some blazes like this one are spray paint and other ones are reflective metal tags like the one in the earlier picture.

Day Loop Trail   The trail does narrow a bit in some places once you get on the Day Loop Trail. This is about as narrow as the trail gets.

If you look closely there is a turtle in the middle of this picture. I didn't see a huge amount of wildlife on the Day Loop Trail so I guess I decided I wanted  a picture of this guy.




just the info I needed!

just the info I needed! thank you!